Olivet Career Center offers a variety of services and tools to facilitate professional opportunities for Olivet students, alumni and employers.

We help students with career planning and employment services, including helping discern vocation within a godly calling and nurturing professional capabilities in the workplace and beyond.

Students receive support in identifying their God-given talents, measuring aptitude, resume and portfolio development, tailored job searches, and our highly effective individual career advising to determine or clarify a career path.

OCC works closely with the Ministry Practice office, having access to the same resources and network. Alumni employers and ministries are partnered with the University to recruit Olivet-trained workers, known for their mature and Christ-like ethics and competence in a diverse array of skills.

Coaching and Counseling
  • Schedule a free 20-minute online session by emailing
  • Discuss purpose and God’s calling in their career choices
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss specific goals and clarity for your career.
  • Discuss potential opportunities within the Olivet network