Financial aid at Olivet University International begins with the commitment of the affiliated ministries to quality education. Gifts from the affiliated ministries and faithful individuals provide major funding for the financial assistance. The University Financial Aid serves as a tool to meet enrollment goals of the University and attract students who would contribute to His Kingdom and the diverse student population. The goal of the financial aid is to remove financial barriers in order to maintain access for qualified students.

The University does not yet offer scholarships from Federal or State Financial Aid Programs including Title IV at this time. However, various assistance programs are offered by the University and its affiliate ministries. All aid granted is based on the availability of funds.

Application Process and Forms

The scholarship application forms are available on Populi. Updated financial aid information and application forms is made available at least 60 days prior to deadline. Specific instructions and eligibility information are included on the page of financial aid program on Populi. Please contact any application questions to the Financial Aid Office by calling at 951 763 0500 or Please contact Financial Aid Office immediately upon any decision to cancel an application after it has been submitted.

Financial aid recipients are notified by email regarding award status at least 21 days prior to the payment deadline. All aid recipients are required to draft a personal "Thank You" letter addressed to the affiliated ministries or fund donors. Students and donors alike have greatly benefited from the fellowship and joy generated through this unique element of the Financial Aid Program.

Financial Aid Program recipients who register as full-time students and then withdraw to part-time hours, or withdraw from active enrollment, must relinquish all scholarship funds and bear responsibility for full payment of all tuition charges.


Students may apply for the scholarship by submitting the Financial Aid Application form by the deadline. Form should be submitted by August 30 for the fall quarter, December 30 for the winter quarter and April 3, 2019 for spring quarter.

Missionary Scholarship

This fund was established for Olivet University International students, with preference towards those students with lifelong missionary service. Students with exceptional full-time missionary service backgrounds in WOA churches are eligible to apply for missionary scholarship, the maximum allowance which covers tuition for each academic year. Scholarship recipients must evidence commitment to the WOA churches and maintain good academic standing and a GPA of 3.0 or higher throughout their course of study in order to maintain their award each quarter.


Financial aid for international students is distributed in the form of tuition scholarships and maximum allowance covers 100 percent tuition. It is renewable each year for the duration of the program.

Conditions for renewal
  • • Scholarship recipients must be committed to full-time enrollment
  • • Scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to qualify for continued receipt of scholarship
  • • Scholarship recipients must abide by all the rules and policies set by the University
  • • Scholarship recipients must maintain a satisfactory reputation on campus
  • • Students must be active WOA missionary and evidence commitment to the church as active body of Christ.
State or Federal Aid
  • OUI does not participate in any State-funded financial assistance programs.
  • OUI does not participate in any Federally-funded financial assistance programs.
Contact Information

All inquiries regarding financial assistance should be made through the Financial Aid Office.

Office hours : 8:00am - 5:00pm, Mon-Fri
Phone: 951 763 0500