Olivet University International History

“Olivet University International” was established at the same time as Olivet University in 2000 as a purely online e-Campus within Olivet University. As an early adopter of online education, Olivet University International gained hands-on experience in the use of technology for course delivery and entire degree programs to off-site learners through such technologies.

By the grace of God, Olivet University’s OUI e-Campus has gained recognition as a leader in online education, particularly in evangelical circles. It not only employs technology online and in classroom settings to support its own growth, but also explores how IT tools can be made especially relevant to biblically-based institutions of higher education in general.

In order to continue accomplishing our mission and remain at the cutting edge of IT and educational delivery, on March 3, 2016, Olivet University announced the transition of “Olivet University International” from being embedded within Olivet University to “branch” e-Campus status. It is Olivet’s goal to bring this plan into fruition in 2018.