Mission Statement:

The mission of Olivet University International is to provide widely accessible, quality, Biblical education at a distance to students dedicated to a life of Christian service for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, educating them to be effective leaders of Christian churches and ministries.


OUI believes that access to Biblical higher education is a key ingredient in a world “full of the knowledge of the Lord.” It views Biblical higher education as a gift from God and a tool that can be used to transform the lives of individuals and this world for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. OUI believes that Biblical education plays a fundamental role in advancing the Great Commission, strengthening the Church and Christian community and equipping people for effective ministry service.

Jesus Christ

“I am the way, the truth and the life.” (John 14:6) Olivet acknowledges Jesus Christ as the only source of salvation and the foundation of all knowledge and truth.

The Kingdom of God

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)


Olivet believes that Biblical education is a gift given by God to equip Christians in any part of the world for ministry. The University works to open the doors of Biblical higher education to qualified students, even in nations closed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by offering its programs through distance learning and by making this opportunity accessible.

Global Community

Olivet creates a global community by bringing educational services, programs, and employment opportunities to qualified individuals from all over the world, and by providing learning opportunities among diverse students.


Olivet expects all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to embrace the highest standards of personal integrity, honesty and responsibility for their studies and work based on the kenotic ethic of Jesus.


Olivet provides a high-quality, Biblical education suitable in scope and depth to the challenges of the day. The University assesses and evaluates all aspects of its academic model on an ongoing basis.

Educational Philosophy: Faith First Doctrine

Olivet University International ascribes to the educational philosophy known as 'faith first,' which is articulated in the following University-wide doctrine: Human knowledge as a whole exists and can only rightly be understood within the context of biblical truth, necessitating an approach to education and academic learning that values and thoroughly integrates the habits of scriptural study, reflection, and application across all fields and disciplines. 

Institutional Goals of Olivet University International

As an institution of Biblical higher education that values excellence in academics and professional ministry preparation within the context of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Olivet University International will.

  • Honor our Bible-based identity and heritage (BIBLICAL TRADITION & IDENTITY)
  • Be a leading institution of biblical higher education in distance learning (ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE)
  • Engage in programs, partnerships, and services that benefit students, mission and ministry (ENGAGEMENT)
  • Offer accessible education and optimize technologies in the delivery of services and instruction (ACCESS & TECHNOLOGY)
  • Foster a sustainable environment that encourages serving others while achieving results (SERVICE)
  • Enhance planning, performance, assessment, and accountability aligned with OUI’s values (INSTITUTIONAL QUALITY & EFFECTIVENESS)